The real estate market is constantly changing. Until early 2022, buyers were facing a strong seller’s market, making it difficult to find available and affordable housing. Now, new construction is on the rise, accounting for over one-third of available housing. As a buyer, you might begin your search with a willingness to consider all kinds of properties. Some might be on the newer side, while others are substantially older. Often, the primary goal is to find something in your price range that checks a few pre-determined boxes. It’s important to consider the perks of buying a new construction home. If you are on the fence about shifting your house hunting strategy to focus primarily on new construction? Read on to learn why new construction homes in Palm Coast may just be the best choice for you.

1. Low Cost of Maintenance
If you’ve begun your hunt for houses for sale, you’ve probably encountered many homes that are in your price range, but would require significant maintenance. For example, you may need to replace outdated appliances or make structural changes to ensure that the property meets modern building codes and safety regulations. New construction homes are built to meet the latest codes and safety regulations, many of which are designed to reduce the need for significant maintenance. Because no one has yet lived in them, they have not faced any wear and tear that requires attention. For many years, the cost of new construction home maintenance will be quite low, and the price you see on the listing is the price you can expect to pay.

2. 100% Turnkey
It’s no secret that some homebuyers regret their decision. One of the biggest sources of regret is investing in a “fixer upper.” While the idea of moving into the house that needs a lot of work may seem worthwhile or doable, the reality isn’t so simple. When you purchase a new construction home, you get a 100% turnkey property. That means that the home is equipped with everything you need, from a stable foundation to functional appliances, the moment that you move in. You’ll get a clean slate that you can decorate and turn into your dream home as soon as you get the keys.

3. New Home Warranty Protection
When you buy a new car, you get the added protection of a new car warranty. The same goes for buying a new construction home. At INB, we give all of our homebuyers the protection of the 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty. What does this warranty cover? The 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty includes one year of workmanship coverage, two years of system coverage, and ten years of structural coverage. That means that while these warranties are in place, it will cover certain defects in workmanship and materials. As well as defects in systems like plumbing and wiring, and defects in load-bearing components that fall under the 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty.

4. Modern Floor Plans
Over the years, architectural styles have undergone many significant changes. When you purchase homes built earlier than the 21st century, you may notice design elements that you want to change ASAP. For example, these homes may be divided into small rooms with poor flow and low natural lighting. New construction favors an organic flow from room to room. New floor plans have done away with walls and barriers that break up rooms in a disruptive or unnecessary way. New design also accounts for the modern homebuyer’s desire for natural light and an open, inviting atmosphere.

5. Great Community Amenities
When you’re buying a home, you’re also getting the community that comes with it. Community and its available amenities can increase your overall satisfaction and allow you to fill your social calendar without ever having to leave the neighborhood.

6. Affordable Pricing
When you’re comparing home prices, you may notice that older homes that require a ton of work tend to have the most affordable listing prices. When paired with the cost of maintenance and reno, however, these prices are no longer quite as low as they seem. Many homebuyers assume that on the other end of the spectrum, a brand new turnkey property would cost a fortune. The reality is that plenty of new properties are built with both luxury and affordability in mind. INB is proud to offer brand new homes at a price-point that buyers can afford.

Don’t Underestimate the Perks of Buying a New Construction Home When you’re creating your house hunting strategy, don’t bend to the limited options and amenities available in older homes. As you can see, the perks of buying a new construction home are hard to beat. If you’ve been on the hunt for a home in the Palm Coast area, look no further than INB Homes. To learn more about INB Homes’ available properties, contact us today at (855) 694-6634. We look forward to helping you find your dream home!

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